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Business Recovery and Insolvency is a very specialist area. We always work in partnership with the business’s existing professional advisors and accountants. Together we seek to rescue the business where possible and avoid formal insolvency, therefore maintaining your existing client relationship.

We have close relationships with lots of accountants and other professionals who use us time and time again as they trust us to give their clients practical, realistic advice. Pre-planning and strategic guidance can often help businesses avoid insolvency.

Francis Clark does not offer accountancy services to business recovery and insolvency clients and we will not interfere with existing client relationship.

Saving The Business And Your Client

Our aim is to rescue the business wherever possible to make sure you retain your client going forward.

You will often be the first to realise your client has a problem, sometimes before they do themselves. The best way you can help them is by getting them free, impartial advice from a qualified Insolvency Practitioner.

By seeking advice at the earliest opportunity we have the best chance of turning the business around or restructuring the business so your client can continue to trade.

Free Advice

We offer a no obligation free initial meeting which can be held on site, at your or our offices or over the telephone, usually on the same day.

We are always happy to discuss any relevant insolvency issues with you. We pride ourselves at being able to find creative solutions for the most difficult and complex problems faced by businesses and our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners can offer a confidential second opinion if you have already sought advice elsewhere.

We always stress how important it is to seek advice at the earliest opportunity, the sooner we are involved the more options there are available to your client.


Is your client struggling financially?

working-with-professional-advisorsWe offer a no obligation FREE OF CHARGE initial meeting to provide professional advice.

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