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We offer a no obligation free of charge initial meeting which can be held at any of our offices or over the telephone, usually on the same day.

The sooner you take professional advice from a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner the more likely the business can be saved and the risks to directors and business owners minimised.

We are happy to offer a second opinion if you have already sought professional advice elsewhere.

Call us on 0800 832 1875 to arrange a free, no obligation, initial meeting or email us at

0800 832 1875

“When our company was on the verge of failure Francis Clark helped us put a CVA together that not only satisfied the creditors but gave us a fighting chance of saving the business and more importantly keeping the workforce employed. Now, three years on we are on a sound financial footing, we are growing, and we have a good prospect for the future. Our relationship with Francis Clark has been an important element of that success.”

DJ - Director of company that is now in a successful CVA

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